Tick Tack Trick - Black Forest Clocks with Automated Figures

This Special exhibition is closed, please use the internet informations.

Apart from their usual tick tack, some clocks from the Black Forest also have some true tricks to offer. On one clock, a shell game player is causing deliberate confusion, another clock features people strolling back and forth, and a third one shows the executioner’s whizzing sword. This is great Theatrum Mundi, performed by little automated figures.

“Männleuhren“ is what clocks with automated figures are called in the Black Forest. The figures move at the pace of the pendulum or use their own mechanism which makes them move every hour. This special exhibition is a compilation of several of these showpieces at the German Clock Museum. They tell stories from the fair, the tavern or the clockmaker’s alley in seven acts. 

Please come in, and let the show begin...

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