The Ticking Reminder

Special Exhibition until 28th February 2013

The German Clock Museum highlights creative one-of-a-kind items on a monthly basis. Hence, over a period of ten years, they have increased in number to a collection of curiosities comprising over 100 items.

The distinctiveness of these timekeepers often does not come to light until one has delved into their history. These unusual items have a lot to tell us, whether it's about a desire to have children, the moving lives of their owners, or simply their own marvellous technology.

Some of these curiosities are now taking centre stage and can be marvelled at right here in the Museum.

"Das Tickende Gedächtnis" (Book about the Exhibition, in German)

Poster oft he exposition[Close][Open]
Alarm clock with music and dancers, Fichter KG, Villingen c. 1960 (Inv. 2009-098)[Close][Open]
Hand bag with watch, prob. France c. 1910 (Inv. 47-2888)[Close][Open]
„The Lady“ alarm clock for family planning, Sessions, USA c. 1965 (Inv. 2005-095)[Close][Open]
Wall clock with moving eyes, prob. Germany 1920-1950 (Inv. 2004-116)[Close][Open]
Shelf Clock with pewter figurine, prob. France c. 1920 (Inv. 1995-669)[Close][Open]
Short time alarm clock „Telefon Girl“, Wehrle, Schönwald c. 1975 (Inv. 12-2778)[Close][Open]
Osuhr, Freiburg, 2nd half 20thcentury (Inv. 2010-055)[Close][Open]
„Berlin-clock“, Dieter Binninger, Berlin after 1975 (Inv. 1995-317)[Close][Open]
„Automatic Memorandum Clock“, England c. 1895 (Inv. 50-4100)[Close][Open]

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