Clock Adverts in the Showroom of Time
12th April – 2nd  November, 2014

Apart from their promotional aims, adverts for clocks and watches always reflect the Zeitgeist, the spirit of their era, so to speak. In this way, the original clock merchant’s photo foldout from the era of Imperial Germany tells its story; the Bauhaus style even affects watch display stands, and the acrylic glass in the shop window clearly stands for the era of kidney-shaped display shelves and cone-shaped lamps. This special exhibition brings together promotional items used to display clocks and watches spanning a 150-year period, thus echoing how it felt to be alive in Germany in each of the epochs shown.
It´s show time!

Promotional panel for “Orator Wristwatches”, Schild & Co., La Chaux de Fonds (Switzerland), c. 1960 (DU Archive)[Close][Open]
Wempe Clock, Watch and Jewellery Shop, Hamburg, 1907, (Photo: Gerhard D. Wempe KG, Hamburg)[Close][Open]
Shop window clock showing the time for various cities, Junghans, Schramberg 1908 (Inv. 16-2575)[Close][Open]
Watch and Clock Shop, Josef Lössl, Vienna, 1939 (Photo: René Edenhofer, Deutsch-Wagram, Austria)[Close][Open]
Shop window display with “German work watches”, Kienzle, Schwenningen, 1934 (Inv. 2012-177)[Close][Open]
Advertisement for buffet clocks with a “switch-off mechanism”, Junghans, Schramberg, 1934 (DU Archive)[Close][Open]
Lepple Watch and Clock Shop, Esslingen, c. 1960 (Photo: Lepple Juwellers, Esslingen)[Close][Open]
Promotional panel for “Junghans alarm clocks”, Junghans, Schramberg, c. 1950 (Inv. 2009-031)[Close][Open]
Shop window display for “Kienzle clocks“, Kienzle, Schwenningen c. 1960 (Inv. 2008-028)[Close][Open]
Vacant shop (Photo: Daniel Ahrweiler, Hamburg)[Close][Open]

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