Cuckoo Clock - Mon Amour

FINISHED Special Exhibition 20 April - 03 November, 2013

Cuckoo Clock - Mon amour. Apart from the pom-pom bonnet and the cherry cake, the timepiece with the call of the cuckoo is the most charming emissary of the Black Forest. The beloved souvenir has evolved into a lifestyle item over the past years. That is why everything in the German Clock Museum's new special exhibition revolves around the clock with flair.

With tongue in cheek, the exhibition guides you through the now 200-year-long heated debate about the invention of the cuckoo clock. You will see the original cuckoo clock on display, the so-called "station house" by Friedrich Eisenlohr. In addition, very early models and, naturally, current clocks from the Black Forest and the entire world have taken their place on the wall.

The Black Forest is a must-see in the quest for "Cuckoo Clock Fascination". After all, the wooden bird is a firm fixture in the touristic landscape.

And those wishing to take the timeless souvenir home with them can find the right cuckoo clock to go with their personal style by taking our quiz. Clearly, whether it is a retrotrend or a newly cherished love, the cuckoo clock has not ceased to lose its fascination.

"Kuckucksuhr - mon Amour" (Book about the Exhibition, in German)

Poster of the exposition[Close][Open]
The first representation of a cuckoo mechanism. Athanasius Kircher: Musurgia universalis, Rom 1650[Close][Open]
Early cuckoo clock, painted paper on wooden shield. Black Forest or Alsace, c.1760-1780 (Inv. 03-2002)[Close][Open]
Station-house clock (without cuckoo) according to the design by Friedrich Eisenlohr, Glatz, Furtwangen around 1850 (Inv. 2003-081)[Close][Open]
Tabletop cuckoo, Gordian Hettich, Jr., Furtwangen, late 19th century (Inv. 07-3501)[Close][Open]
Cuckoo clock movement, maker unknown, Black Forest end of 19th. century (Inv. 07-2486)[Close][Open]
The sculptor Christophe Herr (Photo: Andrea´s Fotostudio, Schonach)[Close][Open]
Freshly painted cuckoo birds, on stand-by, eager to work, at Rainer Joos, Schonach[Close][Open]
Hand-made wall-clock in crocheted style. Design : Anne-Claire Petit[Close][Open]
Black Forest rubber ducks: Do not accept without cuckoo clock[Close][Open]

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