100 Years of Summer Time

Makes sense, or is it just nonsense? The annual turn of the hour hand turns 100.
A Special Exhibition from 18th March to 30th October, 2016

But wasn’t German Summer Time actually introduced in 1980? That is the commonly held opinion. However, Germany had set the clock one hour ahead for the first time back in 1916. Whatever for? And, did you know that Double Summer Time had already existed on a temporary basis in the post-World War II era? In time for this anniversary, the German Clock Museum is presenting curiosities and all sorts of information gleaned from 100 years of German Summer Time.

Poster of the exhibition[Close][Open]
William Willett, inventor of daylight saving time, 1900[Close][Open]
Booklet from William Willett, German edition, 1912[Close][Open]
Postcart published for the introduction of the german summer time 1916 (Inv. 100494)[Close][Open]
Cartoon on launch of daylight saving time, 1916 (Inv. 100517)[Close][Open]
End of the daylight saving time in France, Excelsior, 30.09.1916[Close][Open]
Notice from the US-Military Government by way on the introduction of a double summer time, april 1945 (Deutsches Historisches Museum, Berlin)[Close][Open]
Robert Rueter's portable sundial with an indication of the daylight saving time, 1946 (Inv. 2006-121)[Close][Open]
Howard Carpendale gave his new record "One hour for you" to the Federal Minister of Interior Baum in intention of the introduction of the summer time, 1980[Close][Open]
Beer mat from the Bavaria Company (Inv. 100578)[Close][Open]

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