Black Forest Clock Factories

Around 1900 industrial mass production began to catch on. Alarm clocks, kitchen and living room clocks, were the main products of the Black Forest clock factories. With time, the Black Forest became the world leader. At the end of the 20th century, it was no longer possible to compete with the prices of the Far East. Most clock companies had to switch to new products or give up.

Promotional poster for alarm clocks. J. Kaiser GmbH, Villingen c. 1930 (Archive German Clock Museum)[Close][Open]
Alarm clock with visible bell. Baduf, Furtwangen c. 1910 (Inv. 12-0813)[Close][Open]
Wall clock "Eiserne Zeit 1916" (Iron Time 1916). Black Forest 1916 (Inv. 2011-048)[Close][Open]
Kitchen clock with washable dial. Junghans, Schramberg, c. 1930 (Inv. 2008-042)[Close][Open]
Wall clock with elektrc movement. Baduf, Furtwangen c. 1930 (Inv. 2003-024)[Close][Open]
Travel alarm clock. Kienzle, Schwenningen c. 1960 (Inv. 1995-898)[Close][Open]
Kitchen clock, design Max Bill. Junghans, Schramberg c. 1960 (Inv. 2009-020)[Close][Open]
Stork alarm clock. Kaiser, Villingen c. 1970 (Inv. 2005-111)[Close][Open]
Clock "Kalugraph" for time studies. Hanhart, Gütenbach c. 1970 (Inv. 2007-002)[Close][Open]
Wall clock, "chronoquartz". Kienzle, Schwenningen, c. 1975 (Inv. 2008-075)[Close][Open]