Clock Facts  
What the cuckoo!


Don't miss these Cuckoo clocks in our Museum!

These are the superlatives among
our cuckoo clocks in  the museum:

The oldest one
This wooden mechanical clock was made near
Eisenbach around 1790. It is the oldest one of which we
know for sure that it was made in the Black Forest.

The international one
This cuckoo clock was designed in Amsterdam. Women
in Asia crocheted its cover with African organic cotton
for fair pay. It is sought-after in New York, Paris or
online. The perfect example of our interconnected

The most important one
Can you imagine a cuckoo without its house? The
historic design dates back to 1850. This Furtwangen
clock is the first to feature the legendary chalet style

The migratory bird
This cuckoo has really traveled thousands of kilometers.
Being the star of August Noll’s monumental clock
that was displayed to astonished audiences in many
different places, it has already traveled half of Europe.

The friends
Just like the cuckoos, their mechanical friends choose
clocks as their favorite places to live. Come visit them in
the special exhibition “Tick Tack Trick”!