Cuckoo clock workshop

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Cuckoo clocks simply belong to the Black Forest. How about making one yourself? This compact workshop is popular with guests from all over the world, since a ticket to the workshop is their ticket to a personal souvenir. But natives of the Black Forest can create their own nostalgic reminder of home, as well.

  • Duration approx. 3 hours,
  • Cost: 40 Euros per participant
  • 10 to 25 participants
  • Can be booked in English, French or German
  • Work with clock components "Made in Germany"

To start, participants meet in the Clock Museum and are introduced to the history of clockmaking and the cuckoo clock. After that, there will be ample time available to design your own cuckoo clock and attach the robust Black Forest quartz movement along with the typical call of the cuckoo. Whether as a souvenir or a trendy wall decoration, each clock will be one of a kind!


So you’d like your guests to become more familiar with the region?

While our offer highlights the image of the Black Forest, it also shines a light on your industrial or commercial venue.
In existence for over 160 years, the German Clock Museum is a museum of cultural and historical heritage as well as a museum of technology. Its acclaimed clock collection laid the foundation which made the region the focus of precision mechanics. It also shows that the clock trade had been established internationally early on. These are all characteristics which distinguish the local industry to this day.

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