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... can play an active role here. Upon request we provide educational or thematic accents. Please contact us 2-3 weeks prior to your planned visit to assure preparations will have been made. Appointments on the weekend or in a language other than German are possible upon consultation. Unless otherwise indicated, the specified costs include admission and a programme for one school class with up to 30 pupils and chaperones.

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School Classes
All Grade Levels: Clock Workshop

Make your own clock!

  • 2.5 hours, 8 Euros/person (not less than 10 people)

Let's get down to brass tacks... It's time to saw, paint and assemble. Inspiration for your clock can be found during our tour through the exhibition. After that, everyone will make their own clock with lacquered shield and quartz movement or a sundial equipped with a compass. Creativity knows no bounds. See your own ideas take shape.

Pre-School and Primary School

Tour of the Hours

  • 45 minutes, 60 Euros

Im the Museum, time is an experience for all senses. The clock in the church tower strikes, the cuckoo calls, the flutes sound soft musical airs to the delightful tapping of drumbeats.

Clockmaker and Artist of Lacquered Shields

  • 1 hour, 60 Euros

Clocks with lacquered shields were exported from the Black Forest to many countries. We find bullfighters and giraffes, lions and Chinese calligraphy. And now it's time to be creative. Let's paint a lacquered shield!

Cuckoo, Cuckoo

  • 1.5 hours, 90 Euros plus 3 Euros for materials/person.

We'll listen to the clocks as they measure time, see a dumpling-eater and knife sharpener in action, uncover the secret about the cuckoo in the clock. Each person will make his or her own personal cuckoo flute in the workshop.

Clock Detectives

  • 2 hours, 90 Euros

Good detective work is needed to track down the clocks together, from the clock in the church tower to the cuckoo clock. Within the group the young sleuths will seek unseal the mysteries of times past before making their own clocks themselves.

Grades 5-7

A Journey Through Time

  • 1 hour,  5 Euros/person (not less than 10 people)

From the Prehistoric Calendar to the Atomic Clock: How was time determined in times past?

A Class Trip, the "Black Forest Special"

  • 1 hour, 60 Euros

350 years of clock-making in the Black Forest! Participants go back in time and experience a fictitious tour beginning in 1650 and ending in the present.

Travelling to the Land of Clocks

  • 1.5 hours, 90 Euros

A trip with Andreas Löffler of St. Märgen who travelled to England In 1839 in 1839. We learn about his adventure-filled everyday life as a clock trader.

Grade 8 and above

Modern Times

  • 1.5 hours, 90 Euros

As strides were being made in technology, people changed
their way of dealing with "time".
This programmme makes the complex
and highly interesting development of timekeeping accessible to adolescents,
including eye-opening surprises!

Grade 8 and above
Not less than 10 Children

  • Duration: 2-3 hours
  • not less than 10 children:  8 Euros/Child

A very special birthday. Guests are invited to the Clock Museum and the clock workshop! The birthday boy or girl may assist with the guided tour through the Museum. After that, it will be time for refreshments, when you can unpack the birthday picnic you brought with you. Next, we'll go to the workshop to make our own lacquered shield clock. At the end of the day, our chorus of musical instruments will present a concert - and perhaps a birthday tune?